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Trouble with beep codes?

1. Power Light is ON, "One short beep" from speaker but nothing shows on monitor

One short beep from speaker means device boots normally. Please confirm whether monitor is working and correctly connected to device.


2. Power Light is ON, "No beep" from speaker

Please check your CPU and memory are installed normally and no oxidation at connection part. If there is any oxidation, please try to wipe the oxidation part with an eraser. If it still cannot be turned on properly, please clean it with contact cleaner and re-install.


3. "One long and two short beeps" from speaker

Abnormal detected in Memory, please confirm whether memory is correctly installed on motherboard.

Please refer to Motherboard manual for related instruction about memory.


4. "One long and three short beeps" from speaker

It detects the abnormal in graphic card. If graphic card needs extra power supply, please ensure power supply can provide enough watt.


Computer Help & Repairs
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  1. Virus and Spyware removal.  
  2. Basic to Advanced help and tuition.
  3. PC's cleaned out and extra ram added .

  4. New PC's built or old ones updated

  5. Networks, NBN ,Wireless Sharing

  6. Bring your PC /Laptop to my office
      and save a callout.
  7. Saving data and backing up safely.
  8. Pre-Purchase advice  

34 years computer knowledge     

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